Positive Messages Via Wardrobe

In a society where so many of the news headlines seem to reflect a place and time where even the most sincere of actions and genuine conversations of faith can be taken offensively or end up resulting in protests or a civil lawsuit, it can suddenly feel like so many of the things, that we used to be open and free about, now come with the added task of having to second guess what we say and what we do.

Yet, for many of us, our beliefs and spiritual journey are ubiquitous with our earthly pilgrimage.  We do not work separately from our faith, but as one, incorporating the very essence, in practice.     

Though more than 75 percent of Americans today identify with an organized religion, be it Judaism Buddhism, Islam, or whatever the affiliation may be, of those religions, Christianity makes up more than 90% of the population that follows a religion.  

Still, companies and business entrepreneurs alike can find particular challenges imparting faith-based operating practices while keeping up with everchanging corporate world and government regulations.  This may leave some to question whether or not it is possible, in today’s society, to be a Christian business leading with Christian values?   Is it possible to hold to a message and share with others the same quality in products and services with the same values that inspire them?

True Believers Ink 2 believes all walks of life are to be embraced with the same care, respect and love for others, that goes into their product.  They have a timeless mission and vision to share with fellow believers, as well as non-believers what they also embrace at the core of their products.

Who is True Believesr Ink 2?

True Believers Ink 2 is a Christian-based company that creates custom graphic and embroidered t-shirts and designer Christian clothing.  Be proud of your faith, and remember what the Bible teaches us,

“Therefore, everyone who acknowledges Me before men, I also acknowledge him before My father in Heaven” (Matthew 10:32)

The business was founded in 2009 by dedicated followers of, and believers in, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They have been doing business both locally and nationally ever since. 

True Believers Ink 2 adheres to and maintains three major philosophies to offer the quality, faith-based products that their customers have come to rely on:

  • Vision – To state openly and publicly the Believer’s message.

  • Mission – To minister tastefully and welcomingly to all in the world, believers and non-believers and touching Souls, fashionably through inspiration with their line of clothing.

  • Purpose – To produce the highest quality clothing line with positive graphics and messages that will touch all Souls, young and old, believers, and non-believers.

We take the gospel seriously enough to proclaim our faith to everyone and we think that wearing our clothing is a great way for you to show your commitment and your radical faith to Christ and His teachings.

Can you be a Christian business and share a Christian message in today’s society?

Being a Faith Based Business Owner

For many Entrepreneurs, the idea of owning their own company was an inspired dream.  That doesn’t mean that it did not come without uncertainty, self-doubt, challenges, and ‘what ifs.’  

Most can relate to well-intentioned words of advice and listening to friends and family members with cautious reminders and stories of how many new businesses end up failing.  

Yet with their faith in hand, the founders of True Believers Ink 2 could not quiet the insistent voice within. Meditation and prayer would only keep them up late at night, urging them to move take that leap of faith and move their purpose forward.

Because of that trust in a Higher Power, and their strong faith, True Believers Ink 2 was born, and consistently provides quality shirts for those who are not afraid to let the world know what they believe.


Companies Defending Faith and Values

In the past few years we have seen many companies facing expensive and time-consuming legal challenges to the right to live their lives according to their faith. Because their faith provides morals and values, they have become easy targets in an “anything goes” society that offers very little in the way of values or moral guidance.

For example, Masterpiece Bakery, owned by Christian entrepreneur Jack Phillips, was sued by same sex couple Charlie Craig and David Mullins for declining to create a cake for a same-sex wedding reception, citing his religion-based objections. Phillips told the couple that he would be more than happy to provide birthday cakes, cookies, and brownies, but simply could not, in good conscious, bake a cake for a same-sex wedding reception. Whether you agree with Phillips’ stance on gay marriage is irrelevant because the point is that he was sued for not doing something that would violate the values of his faith.

The baker was very clear about the reasoning behind his objections about providing a cake for a same-sex wedding reception, and told the Washington Times,

“I can’t follow two masters, and I need to serve just one: Jesus Christ.”

Some might call Phillips stubborn, we might call him devout, but society simply seeks to punish him for believing in a Higher Power.

Hobby Lobby is another example of a company that was forced to act contrary to their religious beliefs. Hobby Lobby is owned by the Evangelic Christian Green family, and went from the U.S. District Court of Oklahoma all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. They defended their religious freedom to be exempt from a regulation that would have required the company to provide four contraception procedures the Greens believe to constitute an abortion. Citing religion-based objections, the company was asking not to be forced to indirectly pay for abortions. Again, whether you agree with the practice of abortion or not is irrelevant because people of faith should not be coerced, forced, or obligated to take actions that would go directly against their religious tenants.

Even fast-food giant, McDonald’s, has not immune to legal attacks based on religion. Thinking to appease a certain segment of its customers, some McDonald’s stores opted to provide Halal meats for some of their outlets where such Spiritually prepared meats are in demand. The result was a costly legal battle where they had to defend their efforts in court. Several lawsuits had been filed seeking financial rewards due to different interpretations of specifications of exactly how the meats were to be prepared.  McDonalds was ordered to pay fines and, in turn, pulled all Halal meats from their U.S. based restaurants.

Even something simple as a cheerful holiday greeting, with no malice behind its utterance to be found, has been the source of fierce contention. “Merry Christmas,” as a holiday greeting, can result in an accusation of political incorrectness, an infringement on Civil Rights, and even lawsuits.

Often times, those who attack faith-based companies receive massive financial payouts for their efforts while the companies themselves are left picking up the pieces after the legal battle is finished.

Because of these attacks on people of faith, businesses have been lost, and livelihoods have been destroyed.

In today’s society, with businesses having to carefully guard against activism, protests, and lawsuits, is it too risky to affiliate directly with religious practices? Are religious freedoms still considered sacrosanct?  Can we still live with our faith, without fear, while standing by Christian values and a message in a way which can benefit everyone? After all, are we not all afforded a freedom to practice our religion as we see fit? Should Christians be worshiping in secret to avoid persecution? Should they walk the world as if the Roman Emperor Nero were still alive and persecuting Christians?

This is where True Believers Ink 2 comes in.

True Believers Ink 2 believes that Christians have a duty to spread the Word, and their business model is centered around this concept.

True Believers Ink 2’s purpose is to produce quality clothing with positive messages and graphics that will touch all souls – young and old, believers and non-believers. “That you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples you did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go bear fruit – fruit that will last.” (John 15:8, 16)

True Believers Ink 2’s mission is to minister to the world and to touch and win souls for Christ through our line of clothing. “Go into the whole world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)

Services Offered

Hashtag Tee Shirt Series

In the last 18 years, technology has boomed. With that explosion of technological advances came a series of new expressions, including the “hashtag.” With True Believers Ink 2’s stylish Hashtag Tee Shirt Series, believers can use a simple hashtag to let others know what is important to them. These hashtags include:

  • #MoreThanAConquerer

  • #NotAshamed

  • #Redeemed

  • #HeavenBound

  • #IAmABeliever

  • #TurntUp4Christ

  • #BornAgain

  • #Blessed

  • #TrueBelievers

  • And many more.

Hashtags in Spanish are also available.


Tee Shirt Series With Faith-Based Designs

Also in the True Believers Ink 2’s store is the tee shirt series that features powerful faith-based phrases and proverbs. Available in long and short-sleeve, these tee shirts are a must have for anyone who is looking to show the world that they are not afraid to proclaim their faith.

Screen Printing And Embroidery

True Believers Ink 2 also offers Screen Printing and Embroidery. Contact the company for service and pricing options.

Ways We Can Witness

When Spirit calls to us it is a powerful movement.  It doesn’t take a number and often has no sense of time.  When it comes to life and business practices, we become the stewards that carry Spirit and display that message to the outside world.

The Spirit is a gentle, beckoning voice that becomes bolder from within. There are several ways we can carry ourselves and witness tastefully without impeding on the personal space of others.  The Spirit is a gentle, beckoning voice that becomes bolder from within.

  1. We can listen to Christian radio hosts or music station during a lunch break or while walking or jogging with a friend during.

  2. We can show a positive attitude at work, a helping hand or simply offering support to someone who may feel badly for an unintended mistake.

  3. During social outings or going into work off hours to retrieve a schedule we can wear Christian t-shirts with light hearted, positive messages that may be powerful to someone that notices.

  4. We can treat each other, our employees, our suppliers with the utmost respect and gratitude for their being a part of what we are creating.

  5. We can wear the Word on our clothing, inspiring conversation or causing curious minds to learn more about our Faith.

True Believers Ink 2’s mission is to spread the Word, and if one of the ways that we do this is to use stylish clothing, then so much the better.

Ink 2’s shirts are the perfect gift for youth groups and religious retreats. Because they are comfortable, they can be worn while lounging around the house. Because they are stylish, they can be worn while going out and about in public. Because they feature positive messages that promote your faith, they can inspire others and possibly allow you opportunities to spread the Word to others.


Whether you are looking for something casual to hang out with your friends with, a set of Christian t shirts to hand out at your Church, or a garment that could lead to a conversation that allows you to spread the Word to others, True Believers Ink 2 can accommodate your needs. From tee shirts featuring hashtags or scriptures to screen printing or embroidery, True Believers Ink 2 is the faith based company that can meet your demands.  

If you are a believer, follow Christ or are interested in spreading uplifting, positive messages fashionably within your wardrobe, log onto truebelieversink2.com to learn more about True Believers and to browse our inspirational apparel.